Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I've been noodling on a little Inform 6 adventure game called venture.z5 since 2007, but it's not done yet. To wit:

About the Venture

The orbship Gaspin Bobtree, a huge private yacht serving no great purpose, was brevetted and re-commissioned as the hospital ship Venture by Captain Zygga Fan during the Great Bugout from Earth in 2388 C.E. The Venture carried refugees from the Downundaland of Oz away from the apocalyptic carnage that engulfed the Sirius Sector that year, the year Betelgeuse turned blue and went nova.

Unfortunately, as it attempted to escape, the unarmored Venture was crippled by attenuated flares from a subspace cataclysm milliparsecs distant.

Some 300 years later, the sphere of the Venture, cracked like a coconut, was discovered adrift in the Kuiper Belt surrounding Barnard’s Star, turning metaphorically end for end in the feeble light of its distant ruby sun, plague lights flashing violet, gaping rents in its hull patched over with force fields.

The Venture was hardly lifeless.

The lapse of 300 years had, however, not redacted a galactic propensity for extreme diplomacy (i.e., "war") to erode the best (especially the best) intentions. All record of the Venture dropped from the scope of pressing concerns until you, beset on all sides by desperation, evanescent hopes and bone crushing debts, caught wind of it.

By kidnapping your uncle’s wife’s youngest sister and selling her into slavery to Bruth the Buttbreaker (ok, ok, we’ll agree not to speculate how you REALLY did it...!), you’ve managed to acquire an implausibly spaceworthy caravel, the freighter scout Nel Zelpher.

Now here you are!

Here you are, not a million miles away from the very place beneath your feet where others have found fortune and fame ... or slow death, medium-quick death, or sudden death. Madness! And horror, lots of horror! Yes, the Venture is no pleasure world! [n.b. If you missed the reference to Star Bridge right there, you're not my intended audience.]

You’ve located the coordinates BRU-6713-112 stencilled neatly on the orange hull. Somewhere nearby lies an entrance.....



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