Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Health Racketeering

If health insurance rates go up just prior to enacting comprehensive health insurance reform, effectively and efficiently shedding small businesses from the group health actuarial pool, then claiming that "prices will go up if health insurance reform passes," is that a threat or just another gloom-and-doom analysis?

If it's a threat, it's racketeering, and some CEO's in the trade should do hefty prison time.
Kennedy's Senate Seat Goes Republican in Massachusetts!!? Yup, and some woman lawyer named MARTHA COAKLEY is the one who reglazed the glass ceiling. You'll forget her name by tomorrow — I already have — but Massachusetts is not the only State where Democrats indulge themselves in suicidal sentiment about who has "the right to run." Before you think "Roxanne Conlin against Chuck Grassley," remember Roxanne Conlin against Terry Branstand, and conjure up a vision of the incredibly high-stakes defeat in Massachusetts. The parallels between the two women are downright eerie.
I'm beginning to entertain doubts about Barack Obama, in particular his lack of presence on the Haiti issue. As much as I hate to say so, it really does look as if military experience is a prerequisite for high office.

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