Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A small C/C++ IDE for Linux

Code::Blocks is a nice tool for goofing off with C programming under Ubuntu Jaunty. "Hello, world!" is the project template, and it runs almost out of the box — you have to sudo apt-get install build-essentials first, or else it will bark and fail because g++ is missing.

Back in the day, I was pretty much infatuated with Microsoft's Visual C++ Studio (long before .NET took over), and Code::Blocks seems like a nice miniature version of that. I.e., it calls up header files into the editor just by right-clicking on the name, does step, step-in and step-out debugging with break points, has build, run and rebuild (with all the reassuring dialogs about possible consequences), plus a flock of interesting-looking features I haven't explored yet.

I had to install libcgi (huh? why?) for some stuff I have in mind, and that went ok — just a few presuppositions to dispense with. The header wound up in /usr/include/libcgi/cgi.h, while the include line is #include <libcgi/cgi.h>. A breeze.

Runs on Macintosh and Windows, as well as Linux. On Ubuntu 9.04, use the Synaptic Package Manager (!) for hassel free install.



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