Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Picture of me not sleeping all day

Actually, I'm trying to figure out Ruby on Rails. This is like taking a big bite of elephant. You don't know where the salt goes, everything is gray, and you have begun to suspect the elephant is inadequately prepared. Not my favorite luau, but I shall persevere.

[Update: Wed Sep 2, 2009] So far, I've got Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 2.3.3, RubyGems 1.3.1 and Mongrel installed and working together (it's automatic). And I've started poking around in the installation files to see what's going on. More dangerously, I've discovered that Rails isn't the only game in town; there's Django, Crystal, Catalyst, e.g. Also, that Ruby books blather on for entire chapters before they demonstate code (if they do... I'm waiting.)

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