Sunday, September 06, 2009

Something's Brewing!

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, the Nintendo DS sequel to last year's Professor Layton and the Curious Village*, has only been out for a couple of weeks, but already the walkthroughs have popped up like so many chanterelles.

Egads! That means... All the Tea Set ingredients and how to brew them (and where to find them!) are finally public knowledge!

[Update] I cleared the game this evening. (Yes, I cheated... I needed that cup of tea!) Considering the size of the screen, and the feather light heft of the story, the ending crams in about as much drama, action, reunion, tears, laughter, lost love and apocalypse as your average Shakespearean summer theater, and does it well indeed. This "simple game" is already a classic — and yes, all the loose ends are tied up, even the hay angels, even as the credits roll.

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