Thursday, September 17, 2009

ext3 and ext4

There were these two aliens, see, named "ext3" and "ext4" who invented file systems for Linux. "ext3" was great, but a little slow, while "ext4" was a speedy devil who couldn't hold a curve and needed rollbars and a soft landing — but having neither, occasionally crashed and burned.

I, poor fool, thought that "ext4" was the nouveau default Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope F_ _ _ _ S_ _ _ _, which it was. What I didn't realize is that Ubuntu is a Swahili word that means, "What? Me Worry?" So when "ext4" finally crashed, burned and locked up my Dell Inspiron 1525 in a tiny alien hell, I had to Gird My Loins And Do Battle.

Now, some 24 hours later, "ext3" is back on my laptop, "ext4" is cringing under the satire-bot I've set up at blogspot, and all is well with my bits.

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