Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old age really is absurd...

If "old age is a blessing," why do "only the good die young?" By that reckoning, we "only as old as we feel" old farts are shackled to our dwindling abilities like so many flickering wicks about to drown in our own melted tallow. It's karma. If we were truly good, this whole "age" issue would never have come up.

Trade you two platitudes, three cliches and a polyanaphorism for... what, truly? Wisdom? Carve this in stone: No one with an ounce of wisdom wants a pound of it! All I need or want is warm slippers, a wool cardigan with holes in the elbows, a couple of cats and the sunset in my wife's eyes, the quiet next-room laughter of my wife's and daughter's home.



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