Monday, July 20, 2009

I hate "preventive medicine"

Liberals really grind my gallstones, sometimes. If all we get out of "health care reform" is Eat your spinach! I'm going to puke.

1. Sick people pay through the nose. Fix that!

2. Medigap!? What the hell is Medigap, and why are we even having this discussion?

3. Government option, single-payer health insurance, please. Not "wellness" insurance. Not jump-through-hoops-before-you-get-any insurance.

4. Make one of the options the simple BEST option! Complex systems break down fast.

5. Outlaw CORBA. Affordable, transferable, private health insurance is a right.

Pay for it by raising taxes! Obviously. Most people will pay taxes gladly if they see their own money coming back to them in the form of free services — health care (not just health insurance), proactive bridge maintenance and infrastructure repair, veterans G.I. bills, moon mission spinoffs like Teflon, etc. Tax the velocity of offshore accounts both ways, going out and coming in. Tax Bill Gates at 95%, and treat charitable foundations as tax havens if that is their obvious intended purpose.