Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheney Death Squad, Giuliana Sgrena

Remember when U.S. troops fired on a just-released Italian hostage's motorcade in Bagdad back in 2005?

The released hostage was Giuliana Sgrena, a journalist; she was wounded, the Italian SISMI intelligence agent who negotiated her release (Major General Nicola Calipari) was killed, and the incident caused the Italian government to pull out of Bush's coalition of the reluctant, or at least contibuted to Italian backlash against the war.

Do you suppose the Cheney death squads had orders to silence unfriendly journalists from ally nations — like Sgrena? The propaganda negatives from this one incident alone could be interpreted as failure.

Just a possibility, just speculation, just blowing hot air, not accusing anybody of actually doing something that wouldn't surprise a kid in kindergarten... But what else is so potentially explosive about a simple "seek and destroy" mission statement? Another possibility, of course, could be an attempt to steal a page out of the S.S. occupation handbook — i.e., underground civilian pacification.

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