Friday, July 10, 2009

Wie and Gulbis missing in action

The U.S. Women's Open, in its near-infinite wisdom, somehow managed to shoot itself in all available feet and disqualify Michelle Wie and Natalie Gulbis from this year's tournament. Disappointing.

Wie should have been exempt based if not on popularity then on performance. She's 12th on the 2009 money list with over $435,000 and change in 11 starts (5 top 10 finishes) this year.

Eye candy specialist Gulbis is no hack either, unlike everybody's favorite famously weatherbeaten 49 year old Hall of Fame has-been, Juli Inkster, currently tied for 61st place and blazing along like paint drying in the sun. But heck, who am I kidding? Even if Inkster were winning, I'd be watching Republica Deportiva on Univision.

So who's watching the U.S. Women's Open? Ex-Commissioner Carolyn Bivens on the stagecoach back to East Bumbleflake, that's who. Yawn.

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