Monday, July 06, 2009

Eastern Iowa Yarn Shoppes, plus Go

The Knitting Shoppe
2141 Muscatine Ave
Iowa City, IA 52240-2119
(319) 337-4920

Very friendly, and they've got great yarn — "100% Pure Peruvian Highland Merino Wool," etc. Ask nicely, and Edie, the proprietor, might even wind your skein into a ball on the shop swift. Recommended!

I have to ramble on about this shop for a bit. The counter faces the door. On the right as you come in you'll find yarn. It's in racks of diamond-shaped bins hung along two walls, skeins on skeins of it. There's a long wooden table with chairs suitable for visiting and talking about wool, or help sessions with the knowledgeable. I didn't explore the other side, but there's a swift and a ball-winder, lots of books, a few windows.

Besides all the world-class quality wools, there's a corner with knitting needles, mostly Clover™ bamboo, in various sizes. The interior is heavy bare wood beams. Good atmosphere, and a high synergy shop. Look for it about ten walking minutes north and west of Sycamore Mall in Iowa City, just where Muscatine bends.

(If this weirds you out, a guy writing about yarn, I'll try to write about beer next time. No promises.)

Then there's this...

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