Sunday, August 17, 2008

Michelle Wie ends tied for 12th at CanWoop

Michelle Wie finished tied for 12th place at the 2008 Canadian Women's Open in Ottawa (Ontario). That's 75-70-69-71, tied with Jennifer Rosales and Nicole Castrale at US$36,475 apiece. Katherine Hull got the big bucks.

Technically, I guess that means Q-school in 2009. But the heck with that...!

Frankly, Wie's still got it and she proved it. She finished better than Sorenstam, Webb, Inkster, Gulbis, Ji, Pressel, Neumann, Alfredsson and a few dozen others, including some well-known names who missed the cut, my favorites being Kris Tschetter, Mhairi McKay and Ai Miyazato, none of them in the has-beens category! Wie's only problem with Q-school is likely to be boredom.

Wie is no fool, and she has her head on straight about higher education. My quess is, especially if Stanford graduate Tiger Woods will be making money with his education and not his clubs for awhile, university takes priority, and rightly so.

Michelle Wie can clean LPGA clocks in her spare time anytime she wants to. There's no rush.



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