Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris Pwns McJerk

It's funny I didn't notice the gold stilettoes. picked right up on that.

Nobody believes Paris Hilton wrote this stuff, of course — there hasn't been a Presidential candidate since Pat Buchanan who could boil his own softsoap. Maybe Obama can. Does. Writing takes a lot of time (time it sometime, with a stopwatch, 1000 words).

Perfect delivery, though... :)

My first reaction was that the Paris spoof was at least as good as the "three purple hearts" hatchet job JibJab did on John Kerry (by setting him up for the Swift Boaters.) But it's not a Daisy ad, which was my second thought.

Daisy, if you recall, detonated during the Goldwater convention of 1964. Or so close that nobody ever found the daylight between those two events. Johnson only ran it once. And the Republicans squealed like a stuck pig, but Goldwater's "no vice, no virtue" speech made it easy to believe he was a raving loon.

Nope. Actually, nobody has to take down McCain, either. He'll do it to himself, by himself, in a clearly lucid moment of amphetamine-induced rage, on camera. About one week before the election.

[Update 2008-08-07] Funny thing, this is now being called "McCain's Paris Hilton ad" on MSNBC. That means, whenever anyone says that phrase, "McCain's Paris Hilton ad," the producers pull out this video (Paris Hilton's video!) and not McCain's. Gee, that's incompetent.



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