Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ok, Hillary and Obama, the unelectables, look like knocking each other out in the first minute of the first round. That leaves Edwards, slightly less unelectable, but his intangibles improve if its either Romney or Giuliani on the GOP side. It would be nice if both conventions deadlocked, and the candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms like Mother Nature intended.

I hope somebody uses "WTF?" in an attack ad. Like Bush, Condi and Cheney saying "Weapons of mass destruction" on an advancing timeline, then "Spread democracy ... Democracy ... Democracy ..." The Q rolls down and the N drops into I-R-A-N, followed by strident "weapons of mass destruction!!!" followed by the atom bomb.

Followed by WTF? Followed by a sane voice: "You can stop these madmen before they blow up the world. Vote Democrat on November 4." Whenever.



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