Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Unelectables

Let's just list them, shall we? Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Whatsisname Vilsack... On the other hand, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani (can you sing The Sidewalks of New York in your Texas twang?), ...

Right about now, I don't think anyone but cable news wonks who are so freaked out by the slow news days following November 7 that they're interviewing themselves want to even think about 2008.

It's so bad, I was overjoyed to hear on the History Channel that "The Rapture," the Evangelical's second favorite pet prophecy about the The End Of The World, was actually a personal vision by a 15 year old hysteric in Scotland over 100 years ago.

Right wing nutjobs might blow up the world yet, but there's some comfort knowing God Allmighty will have had no hand in it.

As He's had no hand in Global Warming, either, for that matter. We did that to ourselves too. Personally, I except to see temperatures of 140° F. in Phoenix, AZ within ten years, and the Sahara Desert expanding north to the Alps, but hey — that's fossil fuels for ya.