Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nintendo Wie??

The tubes are humming with some kind of malarkey that Michelle Wie is going to be the Nintendo Wii's spokesgolfer.

Personally, I doubt that part of it, but I'd love to see a Tiger Woods-style golf game starring Michelle Wie on the next fairway. The idea is, she flubs a drive and bites her lip in anger. Or she has to wait while Larry, Moe and Curly get off the 14th green. Or you find Michael Bamberger lurking behind a Golden Lantana bush, then he's beaned by a banana hook and you hear Wie's tiny voice in the distant haze call "Fore!" Then he gets hit by Greg Norman's shot from the other direction. Then John Daly whacks a 400 yard drive which hits Michael Bamberger and, gee, well, you get the idea.

Maybe not.


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