Friday, November 03, 2006

Deconstructing Republicans

Yeah, I'm psychic. I think Karl Rove will be disappointed on November 7th, and here's why:

  • American mothers have eyes in Iraq
    Call this one the Cindy Sheehan effect. The truth is, Bush can't lie about Iraq any more. We may be winning technically (although I doubt it), but when Bush says we are these days, millions of Americans just remember Abe Lincoln's advice about fooling "All of the people, all the time." The country may not be ready for pacifism, but Moms aren't idiots, and they've seen those tricks before. We've all had enough.

  • Republican incompetence still "reconstructs" the South
    This one's subtle. Hurricane Katrina visited a full-scale dress rehearsal for nuclear disaster on New Orleans, but the Department of Homeland Security not only dropped the ball, they scored own goals against themselves for days. Nothing could make Republican Deconstruction of Government plainer to the Christian Democrats of the South. It's not just that Republican disaster planning is a threat to national security; all Republican guesstimation, including Republican guesses about the course of the war in Iraq and (heaven help us!) perhaps even Korea, is a threat to national security. Republican foresight is an oxymoron.

  • Republicans piss off ALL retired Americans by trying to tear down Social Security
    That Republican drug plan is an offense to reason, and the oldest and wisest Americans have no illusions that George W. Bush intended (and Congressional Republicans still intend) to tear down the New Deal and replace it with corporate ownership of government. Only Chuck Grassley's draconian new bankruptcy law, which whacks SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS hardest, could alienate even moderate Republicans more. Thanks a bunch, Chuckie. Your debt to Karl Rove is paid.
This list could be extended indefinitely, but Americans have enough grief on their empty plates to last through Tuesday. Bush won't fire Cheney or Rumsfeld. My guess is, he'll lash out irrationally at Condaleezza Rice before January, and she'll flip parties.


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