Sunday, April 17, 2011

梅沢由香里のやさしい囲碁 (PSP), in Hong Kong, was apparently running a closeout sale last month.  I was able to buy Yukari Umezawa's Easy Go (for PSP) for $34.90, including shipping.  The box is labelled ¥2,940, or about $35.36 not including the currency exchange rate. In other words, I bought it at less than Japanese retail. A couple of years ago, the same game was selling for about $64, plus shipping.

The game is entirely in (middle school level) Japanese. No English, but no region encoding either. There's a Nintendo DS version of this same game, but the graphics are much smaller. The PSP edition is nice to look at. This is the MyCom BEST edition of 2011. An earlier version, also by Mainichi Communications, came out in 2008.

There's an iApp version, too, apparently. (9-13-19 refers to available board sizes.)

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