Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Assassin Characterization

When a police mugshot is presented like this without name or identity and no numbers, it behooves us to question the purpose of the image.  The word "propaganda" rises unbidden to mind. 

Arizona's officious idiocy knows no bounds; the masterminds behind the Loughner booking photo have handed his capable defense team a full-blown insanity plea on the proverbial silver platter while simultaneously tainting the entire North American jury pool.  Stupid and unprofessional.

That said, yeah — creepy as hell, like something Karl Rove would dream up. Sarah Palin is now calling Gabrielle Giffords' calmly prescient warning of consequences likely to follow the crosshairs SarahPAC pasted on Gifford's candidacy — get this! — a "blood libel" and blaming attempted bloody murder and the holocaust of a nine year girl old on one obviously deranged lone gentile. But there was no conspiracy!!! (Thank you, Pima County Sheriff's Department, for the presumption of innocence.)

Well, now! Who told Sarah Palin there was such a thing as a blood libel and does she not understand that the libel label has generally been used throughout history to kill Jews? Like, say, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who is Arizona's first Jewish Congressperson? Can Sarah see Dachau from Alaska?

The Barracuda really needs to takes off that downright unflattering "God is My Fangirl" tee. Her Boobness already passeth all understanding.

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