Thursday, December 30, 2010

archy rebels mehitabel hiphops

boss i am annoyed by mehitabel or rather
mehitabel's ghost
i told you some time ago mehitabel had
expired like a bad bottle of wine
well she is haunting me for that
exclamation point

why she intones in an
interrogatory mood r u
u inseck still alive
question exclamation mark mark
u should have perished with that newspaper
guy don juan or whatever monikker he wuz

i flared a little and rejoined mehitabel
said i i am a free spirit and a sardonic bug
at that and my continued being serves
a grand sarcastic purpose

what she yowled making phun of the old don
question mark
of course not quoth i but mehitabel even
you must realize that the world has not gotten
better since our day even our old marquis would
be a corleone these days besides i am
just up to your old tricks
and transmigrating to a modern mind tiny enough
for a cockroach to seize and control

yu no said mehitabel i have given that some thought
and tho i wuz 1ce cleopatra my time in the himalayas
with the maharishi as tot me that famous lives
are open boox after dth and any1 can visit
the liberry of kozmik konscience to read them
cover to cover again
and old cleo iz a demmd good lay she said sighing
like she said quickly lay of percival

egzackly i said crawling immediately through the gaping
hole in her argument i am a cockroach de novo
who has read up on the classics i am
channeling the ancient archy
i find it passing strange though that you are
still lingering in your old haunts
why don t you go into the light question mark

wot a kul thot mehitabel purred that even
an uncatalog d volume such as yourself
may not be so obscurely shelved
as have no readership at all
a rather unkind cut if you ask me boss

wottheheck says she i am l33t and gotta tw33t and
liff iz sw33t and got a b33t and
she went on hiphopping like that for twenty six minutes but
when she juxtaposed 33t and in53x i found it
judicious to suddenly appear behind a floorboard


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