Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Cool shades, man!

FWIW, the only thing worse than assassinating Julian Assange is explaining how every lump in the Wikileaks gravy got there, starting with kidnapping German citizens whose names SOUND LIKE the names of KNOWN SUSPECTED TERRORISTS, kidnapping them to the back of beyond ("extraordinary rendition"), torturing them for months to gain NONEXISTENT "intelligence," then dumping them on a back road in Albania without so much as a by your leave.

That's like Massaad kidnapping Eisenhower in Argentina because they thought he was Eichmann, national sovereignty be damned. At least the Israelis only make up facts their donors in America will believe.

No. Assange reveals the stuff America does in our collective name for which we deserve to burn in hell. I suspect we will, within a decade or two. America's dirtiest secret for years was how trivial it is to make nuclear weapons, and that is a turkey flapping slowly home to roost.



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