Thursday, October 14, 2010


I used to know when my U.S. House candidate had a lock on November. It was not a gut feeling, just a weird sense like looking down a long hall into the far future. Almost spooky, but these last few years, at least since Reagan, I've lost the vision.

An odd gift at best, and a bit untrustworthy. But were I to venture a guess about this November, I'd say the winners are Grassley (in Iowa), and Democrats nationwide. The sweep might be stupendous, pushing House Republicans down under 40%, while the Senate remains safe for Democrats.

I can't predict Culver vs. Branstad, although the former Governor Braindead has an edge unless old-timers suddenly remember what his last year in office was like. Conlin's race is forgettable and inexplicable, at best. Her loss in November borders on Democratic Party malpractice — she should never have been nominated.

Clinton in Iowa would be a waste of charisma. Go save Harry Reid, Mr. Bill.



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