Thursday, July 01, 2010

More unpaid mumbling...

The Murmur of a Bee
A Witchcraft — yieldeth me —
If any ask me why —
'Twere easier to die —
Than tell —

The Red upon the Hill
Taketh away my will —
If anybody sneer —
Take care — for God is here —
That's all.

The Breaking of the Day
Addeth to my Degree —
If any ask me how —
Artist — who drew me so —
Must tell!
       —Emily Dickinson

Is her Degree Masonic? Does her hive chill down at night and buzz away in day? Or is she merely every day all the more in every way, like Mrs. Browning, better?

I'd Love thee More —
and Loathe thee Less —
if — Ofter —
Adverbs -ly
from thy — Caress!
       —H. Friley Hall



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