Thursday, May 27, 2010


Is Prince of Persia in 3D?

Is "Persia" the same as Iran? Is it ok to edit out Persian history, especially, say, the astronomer and mathematician Omar Khayyam, or his Shi'ite religious milieu?

Is Jake Gyllenhal actually any whiter than the acrobatic thug in the orginal platformer?

The game always was a revival of (or at least a reference to) British orientalist fantasies about going native. The klaxon throated elephant charmer and part-time ape Lord Greystoke also comes readily to mind (the fact that "apes" are not really "apes" in that story goes without saying, harrumph).

It's fun to have somebody sufficiently dark-skinned around, so's you can kill them, rape their women, and steal their gold 'n jewels 'n kingdoms 'n stuff without a qualm, isn't it?


&dagger"I say! Steady on, old chap! It's just not done!" — Doctor Watson

*Heh. I see Roger Ebert passed, too.



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