Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rubber Duckies win in Pennsylvania

Arlen Specter? Gone? AIPAC must be weeping in their Manischewitz.

Yes, such a cruel blow underlines something about 2010's off-year elections and The Coming Tsunami of Doom Doooom I Say: Visceral revulsion among ALL voters this year, aimed (weirdly enough) at ALL Republicans and obstructionist Republicanoids wearing Democratic Party lapel pins.

Plus, America got Joe Sestak, whatever that is. A former three star Admiral, apparently, and a mainline Democrat who looks good to Independents and probably a fair percentage of the brighter teabaggers out there. The left wing loons are not Sestak's natural constituency, any more than the wingnut right, but watch out, guys — the Vast Majority is going to turn out in November and the losers will have naught for consolation but a bath tub full of rubber duckies.

Good luck in November, Admiral!

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