Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Somebody hacked this password protected highway traffic sign yesterday to display an in-your-face offensive message to Florida's hispanic community.

Even I'm offended. I didn't realize there were any braindead geeks in America. This is the kind of stupid prank USC does to UCLA at halftime, but real people don't do to each other. It makes for heat and sadness, and no joke at all.

On the other hand, I've got a few racist poor relations out there in Dim and Dimmerland who would think that sign is funny. (My side of the family, that is. We all landed butter side down for brains across Kansas and Missouri and points southeast. Well, maybe not all...) If you can't be right, be stupid. That combination of wherewithal to hack the sign, plus the whitebread stupidity to launch a public ethnic slur, kind of points to an inside job, frankly. Hope they get the perp.

Hispanics weren't amused; q.v., the daggers from Primer Impacto news anchor Bárbara Bermudo's eyes when this story first broke on Univision.

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