Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Infinite Space

Rated T for nerdboy fantasy about hot babes who pick up twelve year old n00bs and give them their own space ships, the learning curve on this one is so insanely steep Sega actually published YAUG.

That aberration aside, I'm finding it pleasant to waste a little time with, and a little desultory snorkling around the web has turned up the unlikely information that it's actually based on Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End, so who knows? Maybe it'll be more than a time waster. The game was released this Spring, March 16, and by April 13 it had vanished into desuetude. Maybe Amazon has it. I was lucky to find a not too distressed "pre-owned" copy at GameStop. I'll sell it unless I get past Chapter 2...

UPDATES... What's with all the Russian names? Also, the main clue (aside from the right-to-left Japanese ordering penchant) appears to be staying alert for hints. Get the big guns.

Confirmed! Russians have spread through the Magellanic Clouds. Pirates harass what little order there is in such a small universe. Some pirates are bigger and badder than others. Their shoulder pads stand a foot high... (uh huh).... Anyway, build up your fleet, pay attention to small cues and signals from the good guys, be curious, fight pirates and discover Chapter 3. If you can't figure out where the missing strategist is the first time he's mentioned, you are beyond hope and should be doing your homework.

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