Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool!

Spent a long day at UIHC yesterday to get a plan of action regarding this "hepatocellular carcinoma" in my liver. That's cancer to you. To me, it's a load off. I don't actually have cancer, I have a "worrisome node" that will require another expensive MRI in six weeks — or, as I like to put it, priappic iatrocoulroic distemper, ho ho. Kind of reminds me of an Avengers episode with John Steed and Emma Peel, but aside from the evil clown aspect, I don't remember much about it. Maybe I'll look that up.† Occupy time, sort of thing. I'd esplain the joke, Lucy, but then you wouldn't learn pseudolatin, would you? April Fool.

†Season 6, Episode 10, but it was Tara King, not Emma Peel.

But wottheheck. Enough brooding over this nonsense. It's a fine day, 82° uncharacteristically for this time of year, and the birds are chatting about sex and incipient fiber hoarding. There's a pale flush of green on the honeysuckle bushes and the mail came early. Life is, if not full, not half empty either. Always remember...
If the dusty treasure map has been verified, it is not a legend.



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