Thursday, February 18, 2010

The GoGoD disk

Games of Go on Disk has all of the games of Honinbo Shusaku, as near as I can tell. I can only find about 461 of 'em, but there may be as many as 600, scattered here and there. Recommended, and well worth the 40 bucks.

Fooling around on the GoGoD disk, I've discovered you can read Kombilo databases with SQLite Browser, which means that Drago, which uses the guts of Kombilo (as libkombilo), also reads (and creates and merges into) SQLite databases → (here's the point) → which makes the sgf game files both redundant and considerably more intelligible, since the databases reveal the names of the players and other game info which is otherwise hidden behind an opaque filename.

Drago runs on Ubuntu 9.04, under Wine, fairly well. It tends to lock up during long procedures (such as reading many sgf's into a database) without warning, but eventually returns control back to the user. Reading the entire GoGoD collection of sgf's into a Kombilo database may be a bit much — not sure I'd recommend that unless you've got Windows 7 and a muscle PC.

Drago and Kombilo (and more) are included on the GoGoD disk.

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