Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iowa Republican Legislators vs. Gay Marriage

Apparently, Iowa's same-sex marriage status (we allow it) has the same effect on Republican State Legislators as the old high school injunction, "Don't wear green on Thursday!" It's just another example of cootiephobia, a bit unexpected in grownups.

At any rate, the State Legislature, which is controlled by adults (mostly Democrats, at the moment) has shut off debate on the issue, and now all those Repubelicans (wink wink nudge nudge) are threatening to take their juvenile cause to the voters in November, apparently in the belief that a deep and silent groundswell of like-minded Iowans with brain itch will surge forward to demand a Constitutional Convention to ban same-sex marriage.

Maybe in your school that Unwritten Law of Heterosexual Behavior was about not wearing blue jeans on Wednesday, but every high school has one. Apparently, the concept that closet gays need some kind of radar or secret sign to find each other takes up about as much time and imagination as Godzilla box office statistics. These are the same people who always found the well-coiffed castrati in Certs commercials reassuringly non-threatening.

Apparently, sex in high school is still no laughing matter. Which makes perfectly good sense, considering how hard it is to find a normal, well-adjusted partner with brains and a car.



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