Sunday, February 14, 2010

VANOC? Protest?? What??!

Not everyone thinks the Vancouver Olympics are A Good Thing, apparently. You could start at, but that one is a bit beyond the pale, so I haven't hyperlinked it for you. The gist seems to be about RCMP types who mace protesters, unwanted development on tribal lands, etc. etc. Not everybody is happy happy in re the Olympics. We kind of forget in this country that them Commonwealth countries aren't in this country, so "freedoms of" are more problematic in their obversation by Authority, especially for us smartalecks.

While I'm on the subject, "This is a time for mourning. This is not a time for finding blame" really cuts the cheese too thin for me, speaking of luge mayhem. Kind of like the goon convicted of murdering his parents who begs the judge to have mercy because he's an orphan. Nothing like kicking up the dust, 'eh?

Incidentally, <sarcasm>kudos to NBC for that great mashup coverage of piaciersmofgiuglusre skating.</sarcasm>

obversation, n. Hey! It's a word. Ignore it.



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