Saturday, January 09, 2010

Jie Revorse chews dust...

For someone who's not impressed (I may have said this once upon a time) with Star Ocean First Departure, I've spent enough time replaying it. Hngh. I'm just trying to fill in the movie gallery, and now I've got all but one. Then too, it bugged me first time around that I couldn't even find some of the optional characters, like Pericci and Welch Vineyard. Welch's hut is well-hidden (heh) in the forest, and Pericci is impossible if you overlook an eensie weensie little detail (especially winzig on the PSP screen) early early in the game. Still can't find Ioshua Jerund, and can't get Mavelle "Don't Call Me Erys" Froessen. Or Ashlay (sounds like GWTW). L8R...
It's Like This

Even the samurai
have teddy bears,
and even the teddy bears
get drunk.
        — Linux fortune cookie

Fortunately, Pratchett's Unseen Academicals is starting to pick up a bit. Very slow start (is it Massive Pussy or Massive Posse, and is this a sign of slowly spalling faculties?) I tried re-watching Hogfather, but this Sky TV sort-of-like-Christmas two-parter is a Pratchett shrine, so the tone is hyper reverential and the pace is slower than ... slower than ... (just say it!) ... ok, molasses! Although Pratchett is not dead yet, it's worth reminding his Massive Pussy (oh, I get it now...inside joke) that Mt. Rushmore is actually reserved for just four U.S. Presidents. If they try to add Ronnie Rayguns or, Lords help us, a banana-eating Librarian, George will crack in two and fall off.

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