Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to Gemity

It's been at least a year since I played Star Ocean Till the End of Time. I'd forgotten how to get back to Gemity after tearing through Firewall and storming halfway up the Spiral Tower, only to have Fake Blair hand me my head. So I was kicking myself for sealing my own fate by trying the tower levelled too low, until I remembered — this game is not linear, whatever the plot might lead you to believe. Good thing, too. Levelling up on other worlds is half the fun.

Go to the NW corner of Aire Hills.

By the way... Kudos to the Israeli Defense Force for setting up a functioning mobile surgical hospital in Haiti within hours of hitting the ground — complete with operating theater, NICU, triage, beds, kitchen and latrines — while EVERYONE ELSE including the Americans were (are??!) still sorting out their elbows and assholes. And who the hell do you have to bribe to let Doctors Without Borders land their helicopters and get to work?
Is anyone in this country still able to think like Lt. Gen. Russel Honore (Ret.), the guy who did Good Job Brownie's job and saved New Orleans after Katrina?

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