Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reality Is My Screensaver

Wups! I found myself brooding on the meaning of life and happenstance in Room 31-26 on the orthopedic ward at Mercy Hospital last Monday. Some kind of inflamed crisis in my swollen diabetic leg. Just got out yesterday afternoon.

Thursday morning, I found myself waking up a bit disoriented after a few hours of interrupted sleep (the night nurses at Mercy are beautiful and kind, but oh so duty-bound.) I'd misplaced my screensaver. (Screensaver?)

There was a setting I could use to get it back, but I couldn't remember where the options dialog was, since it only works in Linux. Darndest thing. I brooded on this, on the edge of a non-urgent panic, then I realized that my screensaver was reality. Reality! Fantastiches!

Then I woke up.



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