Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Women invented art, too?

National Geographic is putting forth the notion that the artists who produced the French cave paintings were "actually female."

So, My Little Pony™ goes back 30,000 years? Considering what we know about women and fiber (have you ever tried to knit?), e.g., that fabric weaves aren't even remotely primitive in the Taklamakan Desert of 6,000 years ago (although woolen twills feature heavily, cotton does not), I guess that shouldn't be as surprising as it is. Weavers had to have invented (or discovered?) ALGORITHM, which is an altogether remarkable concept to get one's head around, so obviously other arts posed no necessarily insurmountable obstacles.

I'll buy the point that a majority of the hand prints at the cave art sites belong to women. It doesn't necessarily follow that women painted the art, or practiced mystery religions, or made oracular pronunciamentos, or even went in for raves, trance or mosh pits. I believe all that may have been true, one time or another, but prove it, 'ey?

In other news, thank you FOXNews anchor Shepard Smith for informing us that Farrah Fawcett had "anal cancer." The word is colorectal, Snuffy.



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