Friday, May 15, 2009


Michelle Wie gets no respect. I just watched Sybase Classic coverage for an hour, and nobody mentioned Wie, who is currently tied for sixth place at 5 under par after the second round. The only girls on camera today were white, blonde losers, except for Lincicome, who's eleven under, and defending champion Lorena Ochoa now and then. Hey, them good ol' boys at ESPN2, right?


[Sunday Update (5/17): I dunno what planet ESPN2 is on. Wie finished tied for third with Paula Creamer, winning $118,824, which puts her over $290,600.00 in six starts with three top-ten finishes. She's ranked second in rookie points, she'll probably finish 2009 as LPGA Rookie of the Year, her driving is almost back to where it was before Leadbetter and William Morris ruined her as a natural, she's healed and healing, and all she needs is a sumo wrestler (or Odd Job) to carry her bag at arm's length without also carrying along a lot of other golfers' baggage. But from ESPN2's point of view, she's an underachieving uppity Punahau princess who's "never won" and can't play by anybody else's rules. Misogynist chauvinistic bigotry, says I.]



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