Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bic Razors and Baka Birds

There's a baka bird outside my picture window. It's a little English chipping sparrow who's been attacking its own reflection all day, every day, for a week.

There's a baka boid in my bathroom mirror. It's a fat American testosterone job who's been attacking his beard with a twin-edged "comfort strip" Bic disposable razor.

Why I am a baka bird. Because, until just now, I hadn't noticed that twin-edged razors clog up with whisker stubble faster than single-edged razors, comfort or no, which means it stops shaving sooner and gets thrown away faster.

Cunning Bic. Stupid me.

Cunning, cunning Bic. You can still buy the single-edge disposable. But it comes in a cootie-colored orange package too ambiguously, too leggily feminine for manly stubble. Who wants to buy into that??



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