Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flew?

Over reacting? I dunno. It seems like SARS was a bigger concern. This one is just an H1N1 swine flu mutant, pretty well understood by now, I'd've thought.

I guess it depends on how quickly the pharmaceutical companies get with the program, assuming any of them are remotely interested.

There was a huge contretemps a few years ago about how the major drug factories had abdicated the national interest — demonstrating unreadiness, inability or sheer pigheaded unwillingness to tool up for the development of vaccines against H5N1 avian flu, weapons-grade anthrax or unprofitable third-world diseases like malaria, in other words — in favor of high-volume, high-priced, unbelievably cheap to manufacture money spinners like Viagra.

Just another reason for Obama & Co. to get off the dime about national health care. Let's not see another Bush-style crisis du jour administration. These things are easy to anticipate, and respond well to informed (and informative) leadership.



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