Saturday, April 25, 2009


Went to the Cyclone Go Club's All-Iowa Go Tournament at ISU (Ames, IA) today. Got beaten up and humiliated — cannon fodder, really — but I may finally get an AGA ranking out of this weekend. Pretty good fun, but maybe KGS is easier.

We played in the Gallery of the Memorial Union, a small meeting room on the third floor. It hasn't changed much in forty years (where they held Dick Gustavson's eulogy, last time I saw the place). The rest of the Union is some other planet. The Commons used to be as dark and friendly as Hogwarts. Now it's infested with fast food outlets — no McDonald's, at least. Subway, yes. And Panda Express. The Cy Burger is not bad, but who puts Mayo & French on a cheeseburger?

One big change after 40 years (I graduated in 1969) — two or three laptops at every table, all hooked into the MU wi-fi.

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