Saturday, December 06, 2008

I wasn't gonna say nuthin', but...

Your average Park Avenue New Yorker is not, to say the least, no carpetbagging buttinsky. I second the emotion. (I also think it's kind of fun that Barack Obama is post-Alinsky.)

So, yeah. As a former New Yorker myself (Pearl River, Rockland County, 1957), I think Caroline Kennedy is a natural to pick up the Kennedy torch while Ted can still show her the ropes. It's a brilliant idea, and I hope she gets appointed to the Bobby Kennedy seat Hillary kept on ice for eight unremarkable years.

A number of Hawaiians seem to have been in the news today:
  • Hawaiian President Obama has appointed Hawaiian Four-Star General Eric Shinseki (retired) to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs post, a hearty and extremely loud slap in the face for George W. Bush. Shinseki is the guy who warned Donald "Dumbo" Rumsfeld and his boss George "Dubya" Bush early on that we would need a heckuva lot more troops to wage war in Iraq. Shinseki smells like roses today, and Bush is still swabbing the Shinola out of his ears.

  • Michelle Wie, my favorite golfer from Hawaii, is one stroke behind leader Stacy Lewis at the LPGA's much-ballyhooed qualifying tournament — aka "Q School" — with 18 holes left to play. The top 20 qualifiers get unrestricted access to the 2009 LPGA tour; i.e., no more wheedling "sponsor's exemptions." Wie, 14 under par (69-65-72-68) through four rounds, seems to be having fun, if only because she's avoided talking to the press during the entire tournament. That, and enjoying her own phenomenal game. The LPGA is just not in Wie's league.

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