Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guilty of Capitalism

What? "Conspiracy to commit fraud" and "solicitation to commit bribery" actually are crimes? Never mind. Apparently, you can get arrested for what you're thinking, if you think out loud.

What a great rant against capitalism and double standards this was though. Let's try it anyway!

Rod Blagojevich seems to have been charged with unrepentent what's-in-it-for-me Capitalism, a bit rich for a country that sells a 75-cent, some-assembly-required cheeseburger for five bucks.

Price discovery, defined by one Presbyterian elder to me many years ago as the coming together of a willing seller and a willing buyer, somewhat like sex and ordained by God, somewhat exonerates the crass sentiments of Hizzoner the Guv of Illinois, does it not?

Talk is cheap. You can buy a mile of talk for a cent or less. Where's the money that changed hands? Who gave this guy's wife a job? What free home improvement now graces Blagojevich's digs because he hinted willingness to commit commerce in the broadest, loudest, brassiest terms possible?

It's not against the law to hang neon or advertise. The sting doesn't go down until the money changes hands. Otherwise, your case is guilt by accusation, and any judge in the land will grant defense's motion to dismiss out of hand. Usually with stern words about grandstanding.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald seems to have jumped the gun. Not surprising, considering the cowboy federal Administration he works for. Bush and cronies have made guilt-by-incarceration an art form for eight long years, in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

When gold rusts, pray, what shall iron do?

On the other hand, Blagojevich's main failing seems to be an exhibitionist tendency to let everyone see what happens behind closed doors. That's bad for business, so he has no friends while the wolves are circling. Of course, the pack will excuse itself for its own bloody mess.

Quoting Chaucer's Parson, of course. But isn't it odd how Blagojevich, though harder to spell is easier to pronounce than, say, Shinseki?



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