Monday, February 04, 2008

Giant Papier Mache Heads Day

Brusquely changing the subject, Der Bringer 1.9 is a nice free chess program that seems to have fallen into desuetude. Get the full setup program which includes the Bringer.hlp file, unlike anything available to monolingual isolationist Americans — you do read German? Don't even have to speak it. Note that Gerrit Reubold's old homepage is long gone, so no help there. Der Springer is a chesspiece (the knight) — I'm not sure what Der Bringer might connote, maybe a sort of batman, butler or Sam Gamgee for chess. "Yet another chess assistant?"

[UPDATE – James Kearman's chess site also has a Bringer page which includes a proper setup.exe.]

Anyway, lots of snow and rain (!) this morning. Where are the candidates when it comes to ironic Climate Change?

Fat Tuesday tomorrow. Super Tuesday. Super Dooper Tuesday. Lent comes early this year. I'm giving up hope for the chattering classes.



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