Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama? Inevitable?

Hillary never could control Bill, now, could she? All part of the finely-textured contempt in which everyone but New Hampshire (and maybe parts of California) hold her. Hillary was obviously unelectable from the proverbial git-go, except where she had a deathlock on 50% of those Democrats who represent 40% of November's full electorate.

How can you recognize contempt, by the way? Overly familiar first names. E.g., Reagan, Nixon, Carter, McCain, Romney, Edwards, Ford, Obama — all in good odor. But, then... ugh, Hillary. Even worse... Bill. Somebody lift the Air Wick!

Obama is making me a believer. I had him pegged in the same bucket of crawdads as Hillary, but with his turnouts...

And Caroline Kennedy?

Now I'm impressed!



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