Thursday, November 08, 2007


MoGo release 3 plays Black against GNU Go level 10 with White.

GNU Go parameters were gnugo mode -gtp with default values, in particular level 10.

MoGo is a little touchy to set up on Windows. This game was hosted by SmartGo 2.7.3 in tourney mode. MoGo's parameters were mogo --19 --time 30 --dontDisplay 1 Note that Anders Kierulf's suggestions are only that; on this Compaq notebook, I have to give MoGo 30 seconds per move or it skips directly to random moves. Not that MoGo, a Monte-Carlo UCT algorithm player, doesn't half look random normally ;-)

So far (or maybe forever?) MoGo only plays Chinese rules — set Game Info accordingly! Also note you have to set the board size in Mogo's parameters; it's perfectly happy to play 9x9 on a 19x19 board, but the output is ... strange.

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