Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Pele plume's antipodal asteroid crater

It's interesting that Chixculub and the Deccan Traps are roughly antipodal, and roughly coeval. Allowing for continental drift, who knows?

Which leads me to wonder... The Hawaiian Islands sit on a "hot spot" located in the middle of the Pacific, with no nearby subduction zones to explain vulcanism. The oldest feature known to be associated with the Pele plume is the Meiji Seamount (70 m.y.o) near Kamchatka. Today, Hawaii is antipodal to the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. Track that back 70 million years, look across the globe, and I'll betcha dimes to donuts you find an asteroid crater.

Actually, my guess is, the event was much older and the Pele antipodal crater is what cracked South America apart from Africa and started the current continental drift vectors. But, as Occam's Safety Razor puts it, "First catch your zebra, then collect its antlers!"



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