Friday, April 20, 2007

Many Fogs vs. Vista

I had an "E.T. call home" problem getting my Windows XP copy of Many Faces of Go version 11 to run with Vista, which I managed to get installed on Thursday. The copy protection scheme requires Many Fogs to validate the running program with a site somewhere on the web, but because of a wrinkle in how the downloadable version is set up as a "trial" install (i.e., a "demo"!), I couldn't launch the program.

Until I wrote a note to the author, and that produced a fix. Thank you, David Fotland! Great support!

UPDATE: 10:48 PM - Well, it worked for awhile... :(
UPDATE: Sunday, 7:27 AM - The third-party copy protection site is CopyMinder. I've uninstalled MFoG and will ask for my money back if this isn't resolved. Many Fogs isn't the only paranoid game maker out there, of course. Snowie (the backgammon game) and ... ummm ... well, Microsoft come suddenly to mind.



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