Saturday, April 28, 2007

Many Fogs versing Vista, revisted

Smart-Games never did refund my $85, but — even better — they sent me the CD version of Many Faces of Go Version 11, which seems to be more or less compatible with Vista Home Premium — except for Microsoft's own WinHlp32.exe kludge, which I can imagine is a pain to install for the uninitiated. The downloadable version of Many Fogs available at the Trading Centre in Jolly Olde Uk may or may not work with Vista — they're cobbling together fixes as this is verbalizationated.

Anyway, Many Fogs is getting pretty long in the tooth, but it has a few features that no one else does exactly the same way. I'd still recommend SmartGo to anyone (it's less expensive, it's newer, it's nice, etc.), but Many Fogs has its place. It would be a pity if this ancient leviathan vanished because of platform obsolescence, like Handtalk (e.g., speaking of resting too long on one's laurels).

Thank you, David Fotland (Smart-Games) and Calvin Hutt (The Trading Centre).

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