Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hikaru no Go culture capers

HNG has some fascinating asides along the way:
  1. Haze Jr. High School Go Club members washing Go stones at the chem lab sink,
  2. An excellent discussion of "shin kaya" (aka "new kaya," but as noted below, "new" in the sense of fake or substitute) and how it's really spruce, and why the name is sharp practice, if not outright intended to deceive,
  3. There was also a nifty discussion of gobans in general, and the sound a stone makes when striking real kaya in that same episode, around 50 or 51 or so;
  4. Also a great Shuusaku tour of Innoshima, and lots of odd period (Kouka to Bunkyuu, roughly) information like the imperial "flower pot" episode.

Much more going on in there, I'm sure. The series is heavy on Go jargon, short on elaboration and example, but not too overwhelming. Everybody loves the secret languages of exclusion and initiation.



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