Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Free chess (as long as we're making lists...)

There's tons of chess software available. My favorite on the Macintosh was Sigma Chess Lite/HIARCS, which was free. The Windows XP freeware I'm playing with (in lieu of anything so good as that) is:
  1. WinBoard 4.2.7a/GNU Chess 5.07 is Tim Mann's traditional xboard interface for GNU Chess and other engines. It can play online, as well.

  2. Arena 1.99beta3 is another excellent first choice. Loaded with features, and supports both WinBoard and UCI style chess engines.

  3. Alpha Chess 3.2.4 is on my list because it has a beatable novice mode and looks good onscreen.
That's all, overlooking Arasan 9.5, Der Bringer and many, many others. Life is short, for someone who can't play chess anyway.



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