Thursday, March 01, 2007

An afterward on SmartGo player

The SmartGo player is a bit of a lightweight; it beats CrazyStone, but not much else... You can set up little tournaments between anything you can play against using GTP — SmartGo player, Aya, GNU Go, CrazyStone, whatever you can find. They can play against each other, which is fun to watch.

By the way, GNU Go 3.7.10 does not build correctly under Visual C++ Version 6. There are a couple of missing files: score.c and uncompress_fuseki.dsp, neither of which have been in the project since at least 3.7.4. Probably just out of phase with their CVS, but still... if it doesn't work "out of the box," it's not GNU Go's version 3.7.10, now is it?

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